£20.42 (exc. VAT)£24.50 (inc. VAT) 135002 Deb Janitol Ultra Sanitiser 5lt

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Removes fats, oils, grease and other food soilings. Should be left in contact with surfaces for at least 5 minutes. Low Odour - Can be used on any surface in a food environment without the fear of tainting. Biodegradable - Will degrade in sewage systems*. *Local conditions may vary, for further advice contact Deb or the Environment Agency. Hygienic - Conforms to BS6471 QAP200 - maximum dilution 1:200 with water. Dilute - Up to 200 times if required and it will still exhibit excellent bactericidal properties. Non-Flammable - No storage and use restrictions. Quality - The result of many years of technical expertise combined with good manufacturing practice and ISO certified quality procedures